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7 Signs You Should See an Eye Doctor About an Eye Infection

Your eyesight enables you to see the world around you and keeps you safe. It’s critical to your health and quality of life. Routine eye exams can help in the early detection of vision problems and prevent permanent loss of vision. But it’s also essential to visit your ophthalmologist right away if you have any […]

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10 Reasons You May Need To See An Eye Doctor

Besides being the windows to your soul, your eyes can also help identify other health problems. The vessels in your eyes are affected by high inflammation levels or hypertension. This means they can aid in detecting health problems you don’t know about. Microbleeds in the eye’s vessels can be difficult to spot. These can be […]

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Is Eye Irritation Something to Worry About?

Eye irritation is not only annoying and frustrating, but it can also make it harder to focus. Even then, as long as your eyes are not hurting, you may decide it’s nothing to worry about. All you need are some eye drops, right? Is it concerning enough to go see your eye doctor about? Here’s […]

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How Do I Know If I Have Iritis?

Iritis, also called anterior uveitis, is inflammation of the eye that mainly affects the iris as well as the ciliary body. The ciliary body is the circular structure in the eye that produces aqueous humor. Anterior uveitis is common in young and middle-aged adults. It is often characterized by blurry vision, pain, and light sensitivity. […]

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Are Eye Floaters and Flashes Normal?

Most people will experience floaters and flashes at some point in their life. This more likely to occur as they get older. Floaters are small lines or spots that seem to appear at the front of the eye, but in fact, they’re floating inside it. With flashes, they look more like lightning flashes. About 85 […]

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Are There Warning Signs With Macular Edema?

Eye conditions that affect the retina can lead to severe and permanent vision loss or blindness. Access to early treatment can prevent these consequences and ensure improved eye health. Keep reading to find out if there are warning signs with macular edema! Are There Any Warning Signs of Macular Edema? At the earliest stage, macular […]


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